Kitchen Safety Protocols

Kitchen Safety:

The safety of the kitchen is the culmination of several departments. G&E provides power to the kitchen and is responsible for reliable safe power to use the appliances and power the lights we need to make our show safely.

The Culinary department is responsible for making sure the appliances we offer are in good working order and assessing the skill sets of the chefs utilizing the gear. Culinary is responsible for ensuring that the appliances are being used in accordance with the way they were intended and can work in conjunction with the AD department to shut down unsafe behavior immediately.

A Kitchen walkthrough, post reveal to contestants is a must after the first time the kitchen is revealed. It is necessary again when a major appliance is introduced. It is also necessary anytime the HOD of the culinary dept. deems it so.

The 1st AD is responsible for making sure that interdepartmental communication is efficient, that the medic is aware and in place before a cook (unless deemed unnecessary by the EAP).

1st AD is responsible for a crosscheck and verification that the critical departments are ready to safely execute and capture on tape our event.

The 1st AD should also seek opinions from professionals about questionable behavior from “contestants”. For example, talking to HOD/culinary  about how fast should we allow a chef to move with a knife in his hand? Is Styrofoam a suitable container for liquid nitrogen? Is that a safe use of a torch?

The 1st AD is also responsible for activating the EAP and for crisis management should the need arise.


Injuries in the kitchen:

Injuries in the kitchen run the spectrum from a nick of the finger to damage to an artery or severe burn. Therefore it’s important to adhere to the following protocols:

  • Pre-first cook of the season, the 1st AD and the Medic should designate a clean dry area to place a box of strip band-aids, finger cots and latex gloves
  • The contestants should know where these supplies are. They should feel free to bandage their own minor wounds for sanitary reasons.
  • Before every cook, it is the AD’s responsibility to do a walkie-check with the medic on channel one and make sure they understand the nature of the activity to take place
  • It is recommended that the Medic stay in either Video Village (first to know where, who and the nature of the injury) or be stationed just outside of set.
  • If the wound appears more than minor (bleeding cannot be controlled via band-aid, or if the producer/director/Any AD Team member deems it a significant injury) the Medic should be called to set immediately.
  • Medics are never subject to “lock-ups”
  • The Medic and 1st AD work in tandem to activate the EAP and decide the proper course of action
  • Production should be prepared with a responsible escort, and a copy of the workers comp forms
  • Production should be prepared to work as an advocate for the injured crewmember. Ensuring they receive appropriate medical attention. The escort is also responsible for timely updates to their direct supervisor
  • The PM should notify the EIC in real time of the injury
  • The EIC should decide when, if and who will notify the crewmembers emergency contact.
  • The 1st Assistant Directors priority will be to use all necessary resources at his disposal to triage the situation until it is resolved either by emergency services or set-medic. Then in accordance with EAP protocol he will file an incident report as part and parcel of the PR.


Culinary and Safety protocols:

  • It is the duty of HOD/Culinary to familiarize themselves with our safety guidelines.
  • The HOD/Culinary is an invaluable resource to work directly with the 1st AD to develop ongoing safety guidelines and Emergency Action Protocols/Plans (EAP’s).
  • It is imperative that HOD/culinary agree with and comply with “open flame” and transport of flammable material guidelines.
  • It is the responsibility of HOD/Culinary to instruct their crew in our safety guidelines.
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